Ted Hart

I’m a senior data scientist in silicon valley and adjunct faculty at the University of Vermont. I build things for data: things that process it, parse it, visualize it, and analyze it. I like my beer cold, my snow deep, my mountains high, and my data open. I am a recovering academic.

Ted Hart


ecologist / data scientist / developer

Comrades let your voice be heard about scholarly publishing

When I was in college I had a girlfriend who's dad was an ex-lawyer turned self-proclaimed anarchist scholar. She left me for a guy in his late 30's who worked in a scarf store, and I was stuck with a stack of anarchist theory books I'd bought to try and impress her at the local used bookstore. while my politics have mellowed a bit in most things, my opninion on scholarly publishing is about in line with what Kropotkin would have made of the situation if he were around today. <!-- more --> I got a chance to air my radical views thanks to the wonderful Jarrett Byrnes and his NCEAS colleagues. He is working on a survey, where you can speak your mind and channel Kropotkin, or Karl Rove, or anyone in between. No matter what the most important thing is that you take the survey! So here's the link to the survey and you can read more about their NCEAS group here.